My Social Nerd

As nerds, we empower your brand and outfit your business with the social media tools you need to make more sales and grow your brand. Talk to us today about how we can get your company started, support your growth, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Fostering a culture of gratitude, thankfulness, and paying it forward

Our Goals

While we know nerds are not the first choices for a prom date, we ARE the first choices for kickstarting your company, leveling up your social media game, and boosting your account with tens of thousands of new followers.

We connect Hollywood celebrities with you and your brand that help you grow exponentially, while giving back to the community.

While many companies focus on making the biggest profit, My Social Nerd focuses on the tangible, sustainable, and honest connection between ourselves and our clients.

We deliver results from a genuine place of open and authentic energy while distancing ourselves from the pushing product mentality. We believe our clients don’t deserve generic websites, mediocre service, or endorsements of questionable nature.

Because of your support, we are able to donate:


How We Work

Reputation matters.

From day 1, we are committed to leading with excellence.
Not smoke and mirrors, cheap sales tricks, or faulty accounts.

All of our partners and processes are carefully screened and vetted to ensure full transparency that will never tarnish the representation or mission of our clients.

It's A Party

This should be a symbiotic relationship with both parties greatly benefiting from exposure, community involvement, and a sense of purpose with high ROI, great engagement, and long-term success. Every new brand is given a VIP treatment. After all, your idea is special and deserves to be celebrated. What could be better?

We take our time to generate sustainable results and quality products.

Sure, we are a little unconventional, a bit quirky, but our heart is in every step.

And everyone’s a little nerdy on the inside.